The investment that outstrips gold: a Hermès Birkin handbag

It may seem like misguided decadence to splash cash on a designer handbag but it could prove to be a better investment than the stock market or gold.

While the FTSE 100 index gained 12 per cent last year, Hermès Birkin handbags increased in value by 13 per cent, outperforming other collectable items such as fine wine, art, watches, jewellery or whisky.

Birkin bags are so popular at auctions that an index has been created by Art Market Research to track their growing value. Over the past ten years the FTSE and gold, often regarded as a safe haven for wealth, both increased by 39 per cent while Birkin bags grew in value by 108 per cent, according to the Wealth Report published by Knight

Carol Lewis, deputy property editor of The Times and The Sunday Times

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Investing with style: The CEO of Kabinet Privé shares about passion investing

That fancy handbag on your arm may be worth 10,000 dollars today – but its value could double or even triple in the not-so-distant future. Welcome to the world of passion investment, where savvy consumers invest in luxury goods they love.

A former senior private banker, Rozita Ramelan realised her ultra-high net worth clients had the interest but lacked the time to invest in such alternative assets. She soon became their trusted advisor and buyer before formally founding luxury concierge and retailer Kabinet Privé in 2013.

The CEO, who goes by ds.rosz on Instagram, also runs Azimut Yachts dealership in Malaysia and Brunei. Here, she sheds light on this emerging investment strategy.

What is the difference between luxury portfolio investing and passion investments?
Both are forms of alternative non-traditional assets that have high perceived value: vintage cars, artwork, wines, to atelier-produced watches, high jewellery, handbags. Passion investing refers to a special class of investors: someone who is a connoisseur first, a collector second. The term ‘connoisseur’ has roots in early 18th century Old French: from the word conoistre or ‘know’. Kabinet Prive serves clients with a deep abiding respect for their portfolio because they take the time to appreciate its true value.

Why is it worth investing in luxury goods and what kind of ROI can we expect?
Firstly, not all luxury goods are investments; in fact, most are simply used for enjoyment. However, a very small subset of these items, hold their value and appreciate over time. By how much? Well, it really depends on three broad factors: scarcity, demand, and pricing trends. As an example, a normal leather Birkin cost $2,000 from a boutique in 1980 and prices increased to $4,000 in 2000. A new Birkin today is around $11,000, that?s a consistent 6% increase a year for the last 20 years!

How can we tell which pieces are actually worth investing in?
When in doubt, remember the adage ‘old is gold’. The longer a luxury maison has been around, the stronger its brand value, the more skilled its artisans and the more loyal its clients. Choose a piece that is rare either because it’s more difficult to make, or its raw materials are harder to come by. Classics are always in demand. And perhaps most importantly, seek professional advice, as you would in making any major investment decision.

How do we sell our pieces to get returns on our investment?
Within a portfolio, the holding period for each investment differs. Some pieces are ‘for keeps’ to pass on to your heirs. Others are held to achieve a target return and are liquidated to resellers, other investors or auction houses. The important thing about passion investing is that the market is actually very liquid, contrary perhaps to popular misconception. On balance, there are always more buyers than sellers at any given time. Hermes ateliers make around 3,000 coveted bags a year; there are 46.8 million millionaires globally as of 2019. The math is irrefutable.

Are there specific resellers, auction houses or a specific market to rely upon? Why should Kabinet Prive be our go-to platform for this?
Because we are curators and actively manage our client portfolios, Kabinet Prive is uniquely positioned within the global network of commercial resellers as well as individual owners – both buyers and sellers. We work with the major auction houses that have specialist departments in luxury goods. We also actively track the pricing trends of each sub-category of a portfolio and use algorithms to project and predict future values. As an example, we understand the historical trends of a 10 carat Type IIa diamond versus an 8-carat Mogok ruby, and we can take an informed view of future values. Given our experience, we know how to build robustness and value in a passion investment portfolio.

A version of this article was published in the December 2019 issue of SilverKris by Singapore Airlines

Fashion: Kabinet Privé X brings the finest pre-loved Hermès bags to you

Originally published on Luxury Launches

By Gareth Mankoo

In a world where handbags aren’t relegated to mere accessories and instead are considered as quintessential pieces of the fashion mosaic, there aren’t options aplenty for connoisseurs. Breaking through the clutter of feeble attempts to bring the most sought-after handbags to the arms of those who hold the panache to adorn them is Kabinet Privé, an independent multi-brand luxury retailer.

Having served luxurious palettes for over a decade, the company specializes in premium labels such as Bulgari, Hermès, Chanel, Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier, Patek Philippe and Rolex. It also serves as a one-stop shop for custom-designed bespoke pieces and personalized concierge services.

Kabinet Privé is the brainchild of Rozita Ramelan, whose entrepreneurial experience spans over two decades. Fondly known as Rosz, she has made her mark among the luxury-loving circles and high-end clientele, providing goods that satisfy their appetite. Through her endeavours, Kabinet Privé has found its regular clients among A-list celebrities, C-level execs and renowned financiers and investors, spread across Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Europe, and North America.

What sets Kabinet Privé apart from its contemporaries is the level of authenticity that it defines through each item in its inventory. Its rare collection reflects a century-old heritage and craftsmanship. A testimony to this is the fact that the company has one of the largest collections of special order horseshoe-stamped (HSS) and exotic Hermès Birkin, Kelly and Constance handbags in the world. Kabinet Privé also carries some of the most expensive handbags including Hermès Himalaya Birkin and Kelly bags and most notably, an exotic diamond-encrusted Hermès Constance bag.

Centred on the principle of luxury-as-investment, it is important for Kabinet Privé to ensure that they always represent only the finest handbags and other luxury pieces to their distinguished clients. A team of experts is responsible for the authentication of each article to ensure that clients can make their purchases worry-free.

The St. Regis Boutique by Kabinet Privé in Kuala Lumpur is located in one of Asia’s most premier central business districts. With its state-of-the-art interiors, the store offers private viewing events as well as personal concierge services to clients. Kabinet Privé private clients also get to experience an immersive VIP luxury retail therapy excursion, which is curated and guided by Rosz herself.

The Soirée by Kabinet Privé offers exclusive globe-trotting luxury lifestyle experiences via a series of events that showcase local cuisines, arts, and culture with the finest pieces from its collection. This is an exclusive invite-only experience.

Alternatively, luxury collectors may visit kabinetprivé.com to browse through the exclusive collection that includes rare handbags that could not be found anywhere else. Other than handbags, you can also find fine jewellery and luxury watches. Purchases can be made online with a 100% genuine product guarantee, safe and secure payment channels, and complete personal data and privacy protection.

To meet the growing demand of the luxury-as-investment market segment, the company has introduced Kabinet Privé X (KPX) featuring a special collection of preloved designer handbags from Hermès and Chanel. The collection includes a fine selection of one-of-a-kind runway and limited edition pieces, once carried by the most distinguished private collectors. These bags are now available through Kabinet Privé’s extensive global luxury network of collectors and partners.

The long-term goal of the company is to become a one-stop destination for all things luxury. Through its collaboration with collectors, high-profile clients and partners, from across the globe, teamed with the ensemble of luxury experts, Kabinet Privé has one of the most extensive catalogues of genuine luxury handbags.

If you’re interested in reaching out to them for consultation or to learn more about their expansive collections, then you can get in touch with their concierge teams based in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur.

KPX will be officially launched on 24 April 2019 at The St Regis Boutique by Kabinet Privé in Kuala Lumpur. To learn more about the collection and the company, visit kabinetprivé.com.

Cover Story: Dato’ Sri Rozita

Translated excerpt from original interview in Majalah WM

When people talk about Kabinet Privé, I imagine the ‘croc’ Hermès Birkin handbags worth hundreds of thousands of ringgit, but that’s not all. These designer handbags make women’s hearts skip a beat. Those who crave for a Birkin or Kelly bag, for example, can they have it? Are the prices the same as at the Hermès boutique?

How difficult or how easy to get what you want depends on the woman herself. I’m of the belief that all women are able to get what they want and achieve their dreams. Some women see designer handbags as an investment, others keep their private collection for future generations. You can also see them as a status symbol. Whichever way you see it, I believe these women can have it.

The rarest Hermès bags can be acquired by invitation only. They are only sold to high-profile clients.

Pricing is very subjective and depends on the specification of a particular bag. Hermès fans know the investment that they have to make and the amount of time that they have to wait to be invited to acquire a Birkin or Kelly bag. Some people have to wait for years, so it’s no wonder that price is not the main consideration. Time is equally important. In fact, to them, time is money.

From my own experience, I know that even if you have the money it is still very hard to acquire a Birkin bag.

I remember a few years ago having to wait in the queue every day for hours on end at Hermès boutiques in London and Paris only to be told that the products had not yet arrived. And when the product eventually arrived at the boutique, other people got ahead of you because there are a lot of people on the waiting list. They would just ask you to come again the next day.

So is Kabinet Privé the solution to this problem, especially for women who desire these magnificent luxury handbags?

That’s right. Kabinet Privé is a short-term solution to finding the most sought-after items that are difficult to get at the Hermès boutique, from the basic pieces to the one-of-a-kind-in-the-world customised HSS bags. Apart from that, as a Kabinet Privé client, you do not have to wait in the queue at all because we offer a private concierge service where we will deliver the bag that you purchase to your door.

Tell us more about Kabinet Privé and what does it offer? Other than going to the boutique, do you offer personal viewing?

Kabinet Privé holds private viewing sessions for our most esteemed clients from around the world. For personal viewing of the rarest items in our collection, prospective clients may get in touch with our private concierge manager at +60 19-332 2772. We take our clients’ privacy very seriously and we do our utmost best to meet their expectations.

What about the super premium items and high jewellery, are these items different from what is available at the boutique and do you take special order? What is the lead time like?

Yes, they are different from the usual items that you can get at the boutique. Items like tiaras and bespoke jewels are designed to the client’s unique taste and style. The lead time depends on the complexity of the design. For signed items, it may take up to three to six months.

For you personally, why do you collect these luxury items, other than for your own personal satisfaction? Do you see them as high-yield investments and can you give a specific example?

Certain luxury items are considered as an alternative investment asset class to many high-net-worth individuals the world over. The legendary Birkin bag remains dominant in the luxury world because of its scarcity. To quote the US CEO of Hermès, “Customers appreciate the quality, craftsmanship and timeless style.”

In terms of investment value, for example, a Birkin 25 on average appreciated over 300 per cent in 2000 and a lot of exotic pieces were going for six-figure price tags.

I was told that your clients are not only based locally. How do you manage your international clientele from across the globe?

About 80 per cent of Kabinet Privé clients are international. Apart from Malaysia, we also have offices in Hong Kong and Singapore. The market is very niche, there are very few credible sellers in the world.

Tell us more about your latest venture.

Stay tuned for Kabinet Privé X.

How about your passion for fashion? Do you follow the latest trends and what is your approach to dressing yourself with items from your own luxury collection?

To me, luxury is all about comfort. In a sense, I don’t really follow the latest fashion trends. I just wear what I am most comfortable in. I don’t change my handbags every day but I try to wear them well, even when I’m just going out shopping for groceries. I occasionally wear the jewellery that I have. I don’t feel that I have to wear designer ‘outfit of the day’ (OOTD) all the time. Some labels fit me well, some don’t. What excites me the most about fashion is the variety they come in; how the different pieces evolve over time. After all, all women are beautiful in their own unique style.

Robb Society: Luxury Retailer Kabinet Privé Thanks Guests with Lavish Luncheon

Originally published on Robb Report Malaysia

By Roderick Chan

Appreciating Luxury

To celebrate love and togetherness, luxury retailer Kabinet Privé threw a special luncheon for it’s clients and friends. And those on the list were impressive to say the least.

In the cosy and stylish surroundings of St Regis Kuala Lumpur, Dato’ Sri Rozita Ramelan, the founder and CEO of Kabinet Privé, welcomed her august guests of honour such as Her Royal Highness Sultanah Hajjah Kalsom and Toh Puan Datuk Patinggi Hajjah Raghad Kurdi Taib to the lavish event. The distinguished guests were joined by His Highness Tengku Arif Temenggong Pahang Tengku Fahad Muadzam Shah Ibni Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Al-Mustain Billah.

Also seen at the luncheon were Dato’ Sri Bernard Chandran and his wife Datin Sri Mary Lourdes, Puan Sri Maznah Ismail and Kabinet Privé chairman Datuk Mohd Omar Mustapha.

In her speech Dato’ Sri Rozita thanked her guests and talked about why it can be a good thing to invest in luxury handbags and jewellery. The pieces could become very desirable and the price could appreciate greatly. The crucial thing needed is knowledge in this type of investments. “Which brands, models, and materials to invest in? When to buy, sell or hold? This is where my team and I at Kabinet Privé can help you. It is always such a lovely feeling to see your portfolio grow in your closet, especially when the value keeps growing as you wear or carry them,” she says.

At the luncheon, Kabinet Privé also unveiled their new logo and launched their website.

The Scene: A Royal Appreciation Luncheon with Kabinet Privé

To thank its top clients and media friends for their continuous support, Kabinet Privé hosted an appreciation luncheon at the Astor Ballroom, St Regis Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Dignified royals and VVIPs such as HRH Sultanah Kalsom, Toh Puan Datuk Patinggi Raghad Kurdi Taib and Tengku Arif Temenggong Pahang Tengku Fahad Muadzam Shah graced the event and participated in the festivities like yee sang tossing. In her speech, the CEO of Kabinet Privé, Dato’ Sri Rozita Ramelan, shared customers’ investment portfolios through strategic luxury retail acquisitions from Kabinet Privé. After a decadent multi-course lunch, a lion dance troupe capped off the relaxing afternoon with an energetic performance.

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Spotlight: Taking To The Skies

Originally published in Top 10 of Malaysia

Coming from humble origins of rubber-tapping alongside her parents to majoring in Statistics and Computer Science at university, Dato’ Sri Rozita Ramelan, Founder of KABINET PRIVE exudes confidence and elegance. Looking every inch the embodiment of high society, Rozita speaks to Top 10 of Malaysia on her entrepreneurial endeavours and strategic advice for budding entrepreneurs.

Having a background in diverse fields ranging from human resource to real estate, Dato’ Sri Rozita Ramelan explains that her success stems from her tireless search for a career that would bring out the best in her. However, like the legendary Midas, everything Rozita touches turns out brilliant like her brand, KABINET PRIVE.

Being the first independent online and offline bespoke luxury retailer in Malaysia exclusively serving discerning clientele, kabinetprive.comoffers a carefully curated selection from some of the most coveted makers of luxury goods and services such as Hermés. When asked of KABINET PRIVE’s name origin, Rozita explains that it is inspired by the French social elites where the bourgeois discuss politics, economics and culture dressed in the chicest fashion. “It means a walk-in closet every distinguished person should own,” says Rozita. “KABINET PRIVE essentially seeks to offer all the refinement and luxury that one needs to live the good life. It’s like a lifestyle club,” she adds.  Despite boasting one of the largest known collections of rare Birkin and Kelly handbags, the brand also provides a private concierge service to procure that one-of-a-kind item for its customers.

Equipped with exclusive handbags and a Stienway Lyndorf sound system emitting music, luxury is indeed evident at KABINET PRIVE’s showroom. “It’s an RM 1.5million sound system,” says Rozita.   Due to positive reception from customers who thoroughly enjoy the services provided and events hosted by KABINET PRIVE, future plans include moving the showroom to a standalone premise.

Additionally, Rozita plans to sail into uncharted waters with Azimut Benetti, one of the world’s leading yacht builders. Having secured the exclusive dealership for Malaysia and Brunei, the year 2017 will see her venturing into this arena with 40ft-long luxury yachts and super yachts of over 100ft. Working with selected brands, the coming months will also see Rozita including exclusive Swiss watchmakers, Italian jewellers and a global private aviation service company to her expanding business. These will undoubtedly be the perfect vehicles for elevating one’s social status.

Her other brand, PWETTY aims to become the leading pre-loved fashion items destination in Southeast Asia. offers pre-loved items including apparel, shoes and accessories from high-end brands to street wear from across the globe at a much lower cost.

“Every now and then, there’s a need to ‘detox’ our wardrobe from the clutter,” says Rozita. Believing that pre-loved items should not be wasted but instead go through a ‘reincarnation’ process to be used again, items are sold off on the website where proceeds are channeled into charitable organizations. Certain items from individuals in the higher income bracket have never even been used before. A unique niche, selling luxury pre-loved items came to Rozita’s mind as she realised the opportunity to do something positive for the environment and those in need. “We have all these beautiful pieces; we have people in need and we just have to put two and two together,” she shares.

Aside from her seemingly workaholic nature, Rozita definitely knows how to have fun. The trick she employs is to derive pleasure from work itself. She surrounds herself with family, as her two sisters work with her and her husband provides a supervisory role towards achieving her dreams. “My husband and I always share the same direction,” she says. The power couple stays connected by sharing their schedules. “Both of us are always busy, hence time management is crucial,” she adds. However, she has some stipulations when it comes to work. “Work will never end,” says Rozita with a serious facial expression, hence she would insist that her family members switch their phones off when they come together at the dining table.

It is common to hear advice like ‘follow your heart’ but when asked of her game plan that brings such success, Rozita begs to differ. She shares that one needs to see twenty steps ahead and learn to take calculated risks. “Following the heart can lead to unnecessary setbacks so my strategy is to consult those with more experience,” she adds. A truly delightful personality, her one-of-a-kind success story is an inspiration to many. The future may be hard to tell but judging from Rozita’s determination and grit, more success is certain to come her way.

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Tetamu VIP: Kamus Mewah Dato’ Sri Rozita

Terbitan asal Nona

Dato’ Sri Rozita Jadikan Pembelian Barang Mewah Satu Pelaburan

Setiap kali bibirnya menyebut jenama-jenama mewah dari rumah fesyen antarabangsa, bagaikan membuka lembaran kamus.

Matanya begitu bersinar-sinar tatkala bercerita bagaimana barangan mewah boleh menjadi satu pelaburan buat mereka yang tahu menilai sesuatu yang berharga.

Dato’ Sri Rozita Ramelan membuka satu dimensi baru tentang istilah pelaburan sambil membeli-belah, terutamanya buat wanita melalui perniagaan KABINET yang dicetuskan.

“Sebenarnya sebelum tertubuhnya perniagaan ini, saya sudah ada satu laman web iaitu Website yang berasaskan konsep, “Affordable Luxury” ini dikhususkan untuk penggemar barang barang preloved yang berjenama.

“Barang barang berjenama yang masih baru, cantik, dibeli tetapi tidak pernah dipakai atau yang tidak dimahukan lagi dijual di dengan harga yang sangat berpatutan dan jauh lagi rendah dari harga asal.

“Pwetty platform juga membolehkan pelanggan VVIP KABINET mengemaskinikan kabinet mereka untuk sentiasa mengikuti fesyen terkini. This is what I called, “wardrobe detoxification”.

“Konsep ini memberikan akses kepada pelanggan Pwetty kami untuk membeli barang berjenama dengan harga mampu milik,”terang wanita yang pernah bekerja sebagai Pengurus dan Penasihat Kewangan dan Pelaburan di Citibank selama lapan tahun.

Berkonsepkan kepada gaya hidup mewah, Salon Prive KABINET milik Rozita yang terletak di Bangsar ini semestinya eksklusif. Pelanggan harus membuat temu janji untuk melihat barang yang dipamerkan dan 90 peratus daripada mereka adalah dari luar negara.

Istimewanya KABINET menawarkan perkhidmatan unik di mana hanya barangan yang dipilih secara teliti daripada pereka- pereka barangan dan perkhidmatan mewah tersohor sahaja, dari berlian biru yang jarang ditemui sehinggalah kepada beg tangan dan jam tangan yang amat sukar.

Menganggap dirinya sebagai mahu menjual sambil beramal, Rozita sememangnya pencinta barangan mewah.

“KABINET sebenarnya ditubuhkan kerana saya faham erti kata barang mewah. Saya fikir dengan rangkaian yang saya ada, saya boleh untuk mendapatkan barangan sangat ekslusif yang bersesuaian dengan apa kehendak pelanggan.

“Barangan yang dipilih pula bukanlah barang biasa, tetapi amat sukar didapati di butik atau di pasaran. Jadi, harga barang-barang di KABINET tidak akan pernah turun. Malah, barang-barang itu boleh diwariskan turun temurun,”ujar Rozita yang turut mempunyai beberapa perniagaan lain.

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The Scene: Kabinet Salon Privé grand opening

Kabinet, the luxury multi-brand retailer, has opened the doors to its first private viewing salon in the country.

Located in Elegance Club KL, the new space offers clients the option to view their products, which range from luxury handbags and timepieces to the most exquisite jewellery from Elegance Club, in privacy.

The grand launch of the space saw the likes of Datuk Omar Mustapha, Chryseis Tan and Natasha Navin in attendance as well as a fashion show by Dato’ Bernard Chandran.

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