Luxury Bags in Auspicious Colours for the Year of the Pig 2019

Birkin 25 Terre Battue Togo with Palladium Hardware

This is the ‘it bag’ for the Year of the Pig 2019. The togo Birkin 25 comes in a very special colour formulation by Hermès called terre battue (French for ‘clay court’).

The colour is a brilliant combination of brown, red and orange hues making it especially auspicious this year. The palladium hardware gives it a nice metallic contrast for a sense of heightened elegance.

Never go wrong with earthy colours

Earthy colours are not only eternally fashionable for Hermès classics like the Birkin and Kelly bags, but they are a favourite of ours for the Year of the Brown Pig. You cannot go wrong with these natural shades of brown and grey.

HSS Birkin 35 Étoupe & Raisin Clemence with Gold Hardware

This special order horseshoe-stamped Birkin 35 comes in tow-coloured clemence leather with dark grape (raisin) inside, a perfect piece for business and casual wear.

The gold hardware adds a touch of class and symbolises abundance, wealth and prosperity.

Birkin 30 Gris Asphalt Togo with Gold Hardware

This asphalt grey Birkin 30 with gold hardware will enhance practically any outfit that you wear this year.

Made from baby calf, the togo leather holds the Birkin timeless cut perfectly and is relatively easy to care, suitable for regular use.

Birkin 25 Béton Togo with Gold Hardware

The off-white concrete-like colour of this Birkin 25 is not only easy on the eye but naturally compliments well with the gold hardware.

Comes in togo leather, the bag is perfect for special occasions from spring through summer this year.

Multiply prosperity and happiness with bright red

In many eastern cultures, red symbolises good fortune and joy. It is also associated with the meanings of love, passion and desire. When paired with green, red is especially lucky this year if you were born in the Year of the Ox or the Year of the Snake. For those born in Tiger and Horse Years, match bright red with white. We recommend these bright shades of Hermès red for a prosperous 2019.

Kelly 25 Sellier Rose Jaipur Epsom with Palladium Hardware

This Sellier Kelly 25 comes in a bright shade of pink with a prominent tint of orange making it the perfect statement piece for special functions and events.

Epsom is a type of light leather that enhances the classic design of this Kelly bag. Known for its fine grains, this leather is resistant to scratches and is easy to care.

Kelly 32 Sellier Rouge Casaque Epsom with Gold Hardware

This extremely fashionable deep red Kelly 32 will undoubtedly match well with any combination of light and dark ensemble off your wardrobe.

The gold hardware sets perfectly on the epsom leather and adds an elevated look and feel to this fine bag.

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